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We held our 4th Highland Fling Short Course 90 Arrow Target competition on Sunday 18th November. It was a great day with 41 Competitors across our 10 mobile target butts. A packed field, we had to turn a couple of competitors away and had the kids 20m targets filled to capacity. We may have to look at getting a couple more foam targets for next year. Some photos are below, I will look at getting more posted up in the next couple of weeks. Most of the results are now up as well see the tab at the side of this page.
Thanks to club members for help setting up, catering and cooking and especially Kevin Girard for judging and officiating on the day.
A big thankyou to the eight archers from our brother club Penrith City Archers who got into the spirit of the day and shot extremely well.


Above: Some photos of archers at our 4th Highland Fling, photos courtesy of Mountain Archers Club Photographers; Belinda Lalich, and Brigitte Grant.


To see more of Brigitte's work feel free to visit



4th Highland Fling matchplay


After lunch we tried to round up 32 Archers and hold a matchplay of sorts. We ranked archers from the target event and tried to even the odds at 20m matchplay by having the higher ranked archer shoot at bugs eyes (20cm) target and the lower ranked shoot at full face (120cm) face. We probably should have had an intermediate sized target say a 60cm face for junior compounders to shoot at because they in particular seemed to enjoy these shoot offs with several cub compound archers lasting to the quarter finals stages. Eventually a Mountains junior, Nicolas Grant prevailed against Craig Young, Penrith mens open compound, then narrowly defeated 2nd ranked David Tamsett, Penrith mens veteran compound in the semi final, before meeting his match with Sharon Grimston, womens assisted cross-bow champion in the final. Well done to all archers and we hope to see you all again next year.











Mattias, Nicholas and Uldis man the desk at our latest club fundraiser.

Mountain Archers ran a Come 'N Try archery day at Historic Hartley village on Sunday October 28th. We assisted around 70 locals to sign up as temporary members and have a go at target archery with the clubs recurve bows and wooden arrows. Thanks to Ian, Mat, Andy, Nicolas, Wardy, Uldis, Stephane and Mattias for their help.




Barber and Girard pass Judges Exam


Jim Barber, Kev Girard with Chief Judge David Robertson




Congratulations to Jim Barber and Kevin Girard for passing their Archery Judges Exam run by Archery Australia and ArcheryNSW held at Figtree House Homebush over the first weekend of October.




September Advanced Come'N Try Course


13 Archers passed the latest Advanced Come 'n Try Certificate course. They were an extremely good group to coach and seemed to bring the good weather with them. Congratulations to Huon Wilkinson, Tilda Wilkinson, Marshall Wilkinson, Lily Red Osvald, Jazz Osvald, Monika Osvald, George Osvald, Brandon Peary, Andrew Peary, John Peary, Margaret Mackisack, Zac Banting-Walls and Michelle Banting. Great work by Monika Osvald for the new fingertabs and John Peary for the new ground quivers.



Lithgow Valley Archers


9th September. Michael and Mark Jameson, Stephane Lambert and Matthias Haydon-Schulz enjoyed a 3D round courtesy of our neighbouring ABA Club. A good day was had by all.



Northern Archers FITA 900


19th August. Jim Barber came 7th with 820 Open Senior Compound. Kevin Girard came 1st with 535 Master Mens Longbow.



NSW State Field


25th and 26th August at Illawarra Archers. Kevin Girard came 2nd in Master Mens Longbow with a combined score of 401, both days.





State Target Short Course 2012




Sunday 10th June at Sydney Olympic Park Archery. Mountain Archers Kevin Girard 1st with 531 in Master Mens Longbow. Jim Barber 3rd with 820 in Veteran Compound Freestyle.



Jim Barber and Sharon Grimston competed at Illawarra Archery Challenge 2012




Jim Barber came 3rd out of 7 veteran compound archers recently at the Illawarra Archery Challenge held at Illawarra Archery Club, Mt Keira, Wollongong on 19th and 20th of May. He shot 837 on Saturday and 850 (FITA 900 round) on Sunday for a combined score of 1687. He was the 5th compound archer overall, with the Sunday score almost putting him into Grand Master Bowman class.

Sharon Grimston shot 871 on Saturday and 880 on Sunday(FITA 900 round) for a combined score of 1751. She came 1st out of the two crossbowers represented from NSW and 2nd out of the 4 crossbow entries represented in the simultaneous shoot run by South Queensland Archery Society. Indeed if we count all the archers shooting in both states she was the 3rd highest score behind John Hans, freestyle crossbow, with 1766 NQAS and Brian Politis open mens compound with 1763.





3 Mountain Men compete at Nationals




3 Mountain Archers, Mat Bagley, Jim Barber and Kevin Girard recently represented our club at the National Championships 2012 held in Canberra hosted at Tuggeranong Archery Club, March 25-30.

Photos by Andy MacDonald see go to other (not gliding) photos and click on archery photos to see Andy's excellent coverage of this event plus other ACT based archery competitions.

Mat entered in Men's Open Compound Target came 24th with 1250 and 1267, best score was 297 at 90m on day 2 (20th).

Jim came 26th in Men's Open Compound Target with 1227 and 1230, on day 1 and 2. Jim also shot in Men's Compound Veteran Target and coming 5th. He shot 1306 and 1304 on days 4 and 5. His best score was 331 (4th) on day 5 at 50m distance.

Kevin came 4th in Longbow Master's Men Target with 714 and 804 on days 1 and 2. His best score was 211 at 60m distance (2nd) on day 2. He also shot on day 4, Field where he shot 164 but had to retire injured,missing day 5.



Barber Polls Well



                      Jim Barber at Mountain Archers, photo Bags

Jim Barber scored very well at the NSW Metropolitan Open, at Sydney Olympic Park Archers at Homebush on Feb 6th/7th shooting a score of 1205 on Day 1, and 1172 on Day 2. He earned 1st place in 3rd Division and 2nd place in 2nd Division. Not bad for a bloke who has been practising archery for under 1 year. Well done Jim. Top placed clubs in teams competitions were Northern Archers, Recurve and Warringah Archers, Compound.



A Dozen Beginners Pass Course


A Dozen Beginners passed Mountain Archers January/February Advanced Come 'N Try course. They were in no particular order, Valentino and Nicola Blaxill, Emma and Mani Hamblin, David Groube, Cameron McMinn, Tracy Longden, Rhys Barrington-Smith, Bill and Anissa and Sarah and Brock Lenon. Congratulations to all of you and welcome to the club. Thanks to Bensons Archery, who have given discount vouchers to this group of archers.