News 2010

8 Beginners Gain Certificates

 Congratulations to the following archers for graduating from our Nov/Dec Advanced Come 'N Try Archery Course; Caitlyn Whittaker, Gail McGlynn, Darcy McGlynn, Jaiia Cerf, Jason Myers, Jahn Myers, Declan Myers, Mark Jameson. These archers braved a particularly wet and stormy November to complete their certificates.

 Our Club's carpark, with recently removed gum. Photo John Asman.


9 Beginners Gain Certificates

  Congratulations to the following archers for graduating from our September Advanced Come 'N Try Course; Ewalina Kwiatowski, Jake Edwards, Eric Watson, Beau Quay, Brice Watson, John Paul Kwiatowski, Peter Spry, Chris Spry and Brewer Fayne.

Some archers at Brownstown Oval enjoying some Clout practise, photo thanks to Deborah Spry.


Luddenham Medieval Fair
 Mountain Archers successfully ran a Come 'N Try Archery day at the Luddenham Medieval Fair. 122 people of all ages mostly from western Sydney came and had a go at our target range








Luddenham Medieval Fair

  Sunday 7th November  10am—4pm

Luddenham Showground, Park, Luddenham


Photo from

At our Archery Tournament Lady Jessica was judged by the crowd to be the best archer on the day. Well done to the other competitors Ian, Steve the Black Knight, Kev, and The Badger.


Lady Jessica wins the Tournament at Luddenham Medieval Fair, photo Steve the Black Knight's friend.


Two Mountain Archers Do Well at 2010 NSW State Open Target

Steve Kilgannon came 2nd in Mens Recurve Freestyle with a solid performance gradually finding form again in the back half of day 2. Kevin Girard did an amazing job to finish both days competition given what he has been through recently, and still coming 5th overall.
Best wishes to Illawarra Archers Fiona Hyde, SOPA's Matt Gray and Lexie Feeney from Erina,  who will represent Australia at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi!

 Australian Hearing at Mountain Archers
 Our Club President, Ian O'Neill and myself ran a Come 'N Try Archery session for Australian Hearing's Management Team on Thursday 2nd September. It was a good "Team Building" exercise and the team had a go at Target, Clout and some 3d foam animal targets.

 Above, some of the team from Australian Hearing at their Come 'N Try Archery Team Building Session, photos thanks to Vanessa Hughes.


6 More Beginners Gain Certificates

Through our July Beginners Course 6 more Beginners gained Advanced Come 'N Try Certificates. They are now welcome to join the club, some already have. Congratulations to Amanda McPaul-Browne, Carmo Morales, Harry Gill, Richard Gill, Daniel McAndrew and Steven McAndrew.

Memory Foam Targets

Target no.1 is up and running, at 56# with a Hoyt UE these arrows aren't going through and are easy to withdraw.

Myself and Allan Grimston picked up a pallet load of assorted extruded memory foam offcuts from BCE Targets last week thanks to Brian and Cathy Hugo from Cessnock Archers. We should be able to replace 3 of our strammit butts with this nice weatherproof synthetic material over the coming weeks. So club members bring your Stanley knives and get stacking!

8 Beginners Gain Certification
At our May Advanced Come 'N Try Classes 8 Beginners gained their certificates. They are Mitch Cassidy, David Collins, Lloyd Harris, Larry Gilholme, Caleb Lawlor, Manuel Morales, Gareth Schofield, and Chris Ward. Well done guys, we hope most of you join up as ANSW/AA and MA members!


2010 National Championships

Steve Farrell, MA and Andy Firth, Sydney Bowman with longbows shooting clout at the National Championships SQAS May 2010

At the Australian National Championships held in South Queensland, Brisbane from the 16-22nd of May, three Mountain Archers competed:
Steve Farrell got first in Mens Longbow Target. This was after being 4 points behind the leader after the first day, he shot a 257 at 60m, 269 at 50m, 256 at 40m, 272 at 30m for a 1054 /1440. He also got 2nd in Field and 3rd in Clout.
Kevin Girard got 3rd in Masters Mens Longbow Target. 2nd in Field with a 207 shot the 2nd day, 2nd in Clout.
Ron Schirato got 1st in Barebow Recurve Masters and 1st in Field. An awesome effort guys.

Liverpool Bi-Tournament

Five Mountain Archers competed at the Liverpool Bi-Tournament on 27-28th March. Steve Farrell and Uldis Bagley came first in Open Mens Longbow and Male Cub Compound. Sharon Grimston came first in Ladies assisted X-Bow. Kevin Girard came 2nd in Masters Longbow and Mat Bagley (myself) came 4th in Open Mens Compound.

Crossbow Championships

Sharon Grimston competed at the Australian 2010 National Crossbow Championships on Sat 22nd and Sun 23rd February in Adelaide. She achieved a reasonable score for her :) of 759/900 on day 1 and 709/900 on day 2, (shooting at 65m, 55m and 45m on a 40cm face) with some equipment failure and arrow losses due to concrete at the back of strammit. She retained her national no. 1 spot in the Assisted Womens Target category.

Sharon practising at Penrith Archers photo thanks to her husband Allan Grimston. 

Working Bee

Our Working Bee on Sunday March 7th was very successful with 4 of our 5 strammit butts centres refreshed. It was great so many club members helped out, especially since the weather was pretty dismal. Special mention should go to the girls Donelle and Sharon for their excellent efforts on the clubhouse interior. (It now looks less like a "Young Ones" set!)

Australia Day Tournament at Canberra Archery Club

 Kevin Girard and Steve Farrell represented Mountain Archers at the prestigious Australia Day Shoot in Canberra this year. High temperatures, up to 36'C and gusty winds of up to 57km/hr may have affected scores but didn't stop them getting top places in Open and Masters Mens Longbow.                                 

Kev and Steve at Canberra Archery Club's Australia Day Tournament, Sat 23rd January. Photo thanks to Andy MacDonald (CAC).
A couple of those arrows look a bit bent there guys! Note: Steve hasn't shot himself in the foot it's just an injury from the extremely dangerous sport known as Indoor Soccer.