Next Come 'n Try certificate course will run on Sunday February 23rd 2020 and the following Sunday the 30th, with Instructor Josh Dodson. If your name is on the list in the clubhouse you should be notified of your place on the course. We can only run a dozen beginners with our bowstocks and coaches at this stage. Please arrive at 08:30am otherwise you cannot be guaranteed your spot on the course.
To book for a Come'n Try class at Mountain Archers you will need to physically come up to Browntown Oval on a Sunday. PLEASE DON'T BOTHER TRYING TO EMAIL US OR PHONE US ABOUT YOUR INTEREST. Just come and say hello to us and register your name and phone number in the back of our sign on book. We run at least 4 classes a year so hopefully one of them will suit you. Cost is $60 for an individual. Family members taking the class together will not be charged more than $50 each. Places are limited to 15 archers for 2 instructors.

Please note: Children should be at least 8 years of age to enrol. Parents or people responsible for children under the age of 16 years need to be on hand at Browntown Oval when their minors are taking part in archery.

Mountain Archers would like to congratulate our newest certified instructor Josh Dodson.

Josh with some students Nov 2014

If archers could arrive half an hour early on the first session would be much appreciated to allow us to sign them up and get their details required for temporary membership. All equipment is provided however if you wish to bring your own equipment please do so. If you have your own equipment it will need to be checked by one of our coaches to make sure it is safe to use. Compound bows must be under 60# to be used at the club.

Long hair should be tied back and archers must wear closed top shoes, no thongs or sandals please for safety.

Potential club members must have completed an Advanced Come 'N Try Course or have current proof of being an Archery Australia member, 3DAAA member or Bowhunters Australia member and a knowledge of the safety proceedures before they are allowed to shoot on our range. They must be signed in on the day and signed up with temporary membership fully completed and inspected.

Prior to starting our Beginners Course a newcomer must also have applied for and recieved Temporary Membership through our club. ie. Don't just turn up to our range with a bow and arrows and expect to be allowed to join in.

 Beginners classes get an opportunity to shoot at our extensive
 Foam animal target collection as well as at the larger 122cm target faces.


Is your workplace heading to the Blue Mountains for a conference or some relaxation and looking to do some Team Building? What better way than to shoot some arrows. We can generally fit some Target, Clout and 3D Foam Animal practise into a 1 1/2 to 2 hour session. However, we have jobs too, so we will have to work together to find a time to suit us. Send us an email if you and your team are interested. ( We can generally cater for up to 12 adults. )



Our members are a diverse range of archers both in age and ability. We start our Beginners off on our lighter poundage recurve bows after completing a two week 2X3 hour lessons Advanced Come 'N Try Course ($60) there are discounts for families) we welcome new members to try their (bow) hand at longbow, recurve, compound.
A Temporary Member form will need to be applied for before starting lessons. This gives insurance coverage for a beginner for up to 8 weeks. Yes, that's eight weeks of shooting for only $60! Due to difficulties storing our beginners bows at our clubhouse, beginners will have to supply their own bows after the initial 2 weeks certificate course.

Becoming a Club Member:

After an archer completes Beginners classes an archer will be asked to apply for an up to date Archery Australia Membership Card. These have to be applied for through the State Governing Bodies eg. ArcheryNSW through each Registered Club Secretary. Cost in 2012 will be $130 from July 2014- July 2015 for an adult, $90 for a child. Most of this money goes towards insurance requirements for all archers through Archery Australia.
Mountain Archers require the sighting of a valid up to date Archery Australia card by one of the Mountain Archers senior members, the registration number logged in and signed for. A $2 Shooting fee applies for a member of another club for a typical Sunday shoot.

Our insurance requires every member and temporary member to be signed in. Their equipment must also have been examined by one of the club coaches and found to be in sound condition.

Above; Some of the archers at our September 2010 Beginners Classes, photos Bags.

For a copy of the Ten Steps of Archery Poster visit

Go to About Archery, Community Archery Instructor section and have a look at the latest downloadable material.

Shooting Sequence - THE TEN STEPS
Step 4 . - String Fingers
Step 2 - Nocking the Arrow
Step 3. - Bow Hand
Step 1 - Stance
Step 9. - Release
Step 6. - Drawing the Arrow
Step 5. - Set-up and Predraw
www.archery, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Step 8. - Target Alignment
Archery Australia P.O.Box 54, Panania NSW 2213 Step 7. - Anchor (Aiming) Step 10. - Follow Through